s2s Integration

Given below is a standard format of the postback URL

  • client_id (advertiser id): Need to share this id for each new advertiser creation.
  • os:android/ios
  • advertising_id: GAID/IDFA
  • clickid: Unique Id (URID) which we pass in imp/click trackers. It is used to calculate the app open count.
  • event_name: custom_event name like product_view, view_listing, add_to_cart etc.
  • event_value: product or corresponding event-specific information can be passed here, e.g. product_id(sku), transaction_id, transaction_amount. We do support "json/nested json" formats also in event_value.


  • You can pass the transaction_id / transaction_amount in a new field as well as per your format.
  • Please pass all additional parameter that are available at your end (e.g. installed_at, country etc) for richer data availability.

In case you have questions, please reach out to our technical team at revx.tse@revx.io. We will be happy to assist you!