Video Ads

The Video Ad is a form of digital ad that contains a video with a clear Call-To-Action (CTA) and due to its disruptive nature, it might require the user to view the video to the fullest extent.

RevX delivers video ads compliant with the IAB VAST 3 standard and offers this ad format to clients who have video assets for programmatic campaigns. To maximize scale and performance, we strongly advise that clients provide us with both portrait & landscape videos.


Flexible, but ideally in 320x480 or 480x320.

In the interest of optimal user experience, we do not crop/stretch video assets to match the required partner dimensions. For that reason, and in case you are running campaigns on both different devices, please provide both of the above-mentioned video formats.

File Type

  • Supported media MIME types: .mp4 file type.
  • Make sure the total bitrate of the video is under 512kbps.


  • Required Length is 5 to 30 seconds. We have found 10-15 and 25-30 second videos to be the most effective. Many publishers treat 0-15 second videos as non-skippable videos. For scalability reasons, we support only videos of up to 30 seconds in length.

*These videos are provided by clients.

Companion Banners (End Cards)


  • RevX supports companion banners (end cards )in the following dimensions: 480x320, 320x480 [max file size: 200kb].


Below are downloadable templates your creative team may utilize in order to create the banners:

  • Photoshop (.psd)
  • Illustrators (.ai)
  • Adobe XD (.xd)

In case that your design team is unable to provide us with companion banners, please reach out to your RevX Account/Campaign Manager and provide them with your brand assets and guidelines (such as logo, fonts, color palettes). We will then create the banners on your behalf. 

Recommendation: Static banners from your previous campaigns could potentially be repurposed into end cards. 

*These end cards are provided by the client.

Video Best Practice Guidelines 

  • Refrain from ending your videos with the app store icon, as we will redirect your user to the app.
  • Ensure to provide both portrait & landscape formats.
  • Ensure to provide video end cards.