Singular Integration

  1. Login to Singular’s interface
  2. Navigate to Attribution > Partner Configuration
  3. Search for partner name
  4. After selecting partner a pop-up will appear. Select relevant App and Site.If your campaigns are re-engagement campaigns and you would like to consider touchpoints from RevX for re-engagement attribution, select re-engagement postbacks option.
    Your RevX account manager should be able to provide you with
    • RevX Client ID

    • RevX mandates mapping the following events for postbacks
  5. (Events mapping is specific to the app so the events may vary in each case.)Note: This is not the exhaustive list, these are suggestive examples.
  6. To setup Aggregated report for RevX

    - Advertiser would have to create a report with the selected fields. The link to the report can be generated by clicking on the create link. Please see the screenshot below.

    1. Login to Singular UI > Analytics > Reports
    2. Choose date range for which the campaign will run
    3. In dimension choose App, Source, OS, Campaign Name

    4. In Metrics Choose Impressions, Clicks, Installs and Re-Engagement5. Apply Filter Source as RevX6. Time Break down as Daily7. Run the Report
    8. Click on the Create Link09. Choose a Password for the Link
    10. Set the link expiry to 45 days
    11. Check Allow changing the date range
    12. Click on Generate Link
    13. Share the link to RevX team along with password

- For more details, visit the following links: 

In case you have questions, please reach out to our technical team at: We will be happy to assist you!