Appsflyer Integration

  1. Configuration>Integrated Partners
    - Choose ‘RevX’ under Integrated Partners Dashboard
    - Note: All integrated partners in AppsFlyer’s dashboard MUST be activated for attribution and postbacks, by toggling their Activate Partner button.
  2. Integration Tab

    - Please Insert the Client ID provided by RevX both under “General Settings” and “In-App events setting”
    - Please Toggle ON View-Through Attribution. (following image)

    - Default Postbacks: In the Sending Option of Install event, please choose “All Media Sources, including organic

    - IN-APP Events Postback: Please Toggle ‘on’ 
         a) Please Add Manually the different events you want to share with RevX.
         b) In the “Sending Option” of each event, always choose “All media sources, including organic”
         c) In the “Send Revenue” of each event, always choose “Values & revenue”.

For more, visit the following link to understand this in detail: 

In case you have questions, please reach out to our technical team at: We will be happy to assist you!